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Welcome to Duphos, where professionalism meets excellence. We are a value-driven, unique and innovative in providing software services with universally accepted methods that are time tested for quality. Our dedicated professionals assist global enterprises to improve the software systems and ensure to be on top in the serious competition around the world.

 We have developed over the course of years some dedicated methods that are innovative and unique. Further, they are universally acclaimed methods that need no introduction. The software services we provide ensure that our client’s businesses or ideas are always on the top, surpassing serious competition around the world.

Duphos brings IT solutions to the doorstep of every client and we ensure our contributions to the will make his business prosper tenfold. The professional team with dedicated staff for different services offered are committed to bringing success to the client. Moreover, we never confuse the client with technical blabber and we will demystify everything so that the client is clear in his mind about the areas we are going to deal with and how it is going to increase his productivity.

 Duphos purports to deliver our IT solutions to every client with utmost care and diligence, ensuring that the contributions we make help in prospering the client’s business. We have dedicated professionals for each service we provide and everyone in our team is dedicated to witness the success of the client. Our way is simple, we do not confuse the client with technical stuff – we simply show him exceptional results.

Our Vision

We at Duphos never believe that technology alone cannot steer the business to prosperity. The masterstroke lies with the people who are involved. It is always about the people who have expertise in using the technology and pouring their hearts out to meet the business objectives. Duphos aspires to provide such useful and involved solutions that are fit for the cause.

Client’s Success = Our’s Success

Duphos works hard to help the client grow stronger, creative and innovative so that the business can grow economically as well as increase the marketability. We believe that our growth lies with the success and happiness of the client; therefore, we strive day in and day out to meet the goals of the client and achieve success.

Our Mission

Our company understands the expectations of the clients; therefore, we are resolved to provide high-quality services at affordable prices. With a broad range of professionals and their passion drove work, Duphos always longs to provide superior services. We work along with the client and help their business to grow globally and ensure that people will realize the full potential of the concerned business. Everything we handle and everything we implement mirrors the values we follow to fulfill our mission.

Our Values

A company without values is no company at all, that is the belief of Duphos. As a company, we follow certain standards that are righteous, fruitful and useful for us and the clients.

Client Centric:

          We take pride in the way we understand and value our clients; therefore, we are bound to provide superior services every time. In addition, we keep the requirements of the client as our top priority and develop his thoughts.


              When it comes to dictating terms probably there is no other company that can do that as we can, we sure that the methods we employ are followed only by the elite few. With such confidence, we lead our projects with positive attitude, friendly environment and trust.


           Excellence is something Duphos always strives to achieve and our insistence help to produce remarkable output. Our strife for getting to the top and get recognized as the leaders in the industry helps us keep focused and execute everything with clinical precision.

The Result:

             Duphos takes personal responsibility for the commitments we make ensuring that we are always on our toes while handling the projects. This leaves us no place for slackening and ensures the results are outstanding every time.

Why Duphos?

           At Duphos we do not rely on the ordinary “boss-employ” environment and enjoy the involvement of our employees. We know that they have expertise in the field and their opinions do matter. This makes us generate innovative solutions that meet the needs of the client. While dealing with a project, our employees will try to go beyond the promises we make to our clients and try to produce remarkable results. Each employ tries hard to make a name for himself and bring unforgettable fame to the company. With such productive environment like that, we have become the choice of many clients over the years.

What do we ?

          Duphos being a software and IT solutions company always has to work with the essential areas of client’s business. Being so involved with the client adds a great responsibility to our shoulders and we try to meet the expectorations with our value-driven services. The next section – “Services”, would give a clear idea about the aspects we can handle with empowering results.

Our Essential services:

Duphos is committed to providing complete services to our clients leaving no scope for emptiness. We work based on the industry requirements and offer highly productive IT services that can dynamically increase the business of the client. The essential services of Duphos includes :

  • Software development
  • Development of Mobile Applications
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Website Designing and Logo Designing
  • Hosting and Web maintenance
  • Marketing and SEO solutions
  • Business Process Management and Enterprise Solutions

These are just a glimpse of the brilliant solutions Duphos offer and the full-scale features are enlisted in our “Services” page. The services we provide are end-to-end and we upgrade ourselves with any advancement of technology as we constantly search for emerging software technologies to provide unerring and excellent services to the clients.

We understand that business is not always about corporate enterprises; therefore, we offer our IT solutions at a fair price so that the client doesn’t have to go bankrupt to hire our professionals. Duphos has grown into the major services because of this flexibility to deal with all kinds of clients and the reliability factor adds to our prominent image.

The pride we take in our achievements is second only to the happiness of our clients. Furthermore, our customer care service is dedicated to serving our clients in every way possible and is available to help solve the difficulties through a provision of careful and appropriate directions/solutions. Join hands with the most powerful IT team around to achieve success and share your joy with us as a successful businessman and remember, Duphos love to serve clients in the best possible manner. So, join hands with the leading IT services group and prosper your business.