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        PPC or Pay per Click Marketing is the surest and most target-oriented way to improve services or products. By planning a budget and the campaign features one can easily get the derived results using the strategies of Duphos.

         Being one of the top Ad Words and Bing Advertisement management agencies in the region, we provide the best PPC services to our customers. We follow three simple steps to achieve great results for our clients:

Step – 1: Research

        Our team will take care of the PPC auditing, keyword research, budget estimation, competitor intelligence, etc. before getting into the actual campaign. This gives a definitive edge to the client while going for PPC.

Step – 2: Setting up Accounts

         According to the analysis done by the team of Duphos and the interest of the client, we set up Google Analytics and Bing Advertising accounts that are targeted towards text and paid search ads. As we plan it across all platforms, from desktop to mobile, there would be constant exposure to the advertisement in all devices.

Step – 3: PPC Management

        We do not leave the client after setting up the PPC ads. We stay with the client for an agreed period of time to check optimization, quality, and performance of the Ads. Duphos is happy to send scheduled reports to the customer and receive feedback for the on-going project. In addition, we ask the client to meet our team for every three months so that it would be possible to effective explain the progress achieved and what the customer can expect in the future.

        In addition, we at Duphos are happy to provide extensive PPC services from carrying out Ad Extensions to Ad copy writing. Therefore, it becomes easy for the client to get a comprehensive package from a single destination and the Ad would turn out be attractive as well.