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          SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is the best strategic method to improve the visibility of website across several search engines. The SEO experts at Duphos provide verifiable results that assure improvement in rankings.

SEO is not static

            Many SEO “expert” companies claim that there are standards procedures for SEO. However, they are ignorant to the fact that the practices of Search Engine Optimization change from time to time. A good SEO team would follow the traditional methods along with the updated methods so that the client’s website can excel in the search engine rankings and help to acquire better business results through the online presence.

What we do?

> Website Auditing – A complete surveillance of the website’s position, strength and necessities to develop a perfect SEO strategy.

> Analysis of Keywords – Keywords are ‘the’ most important elements in SEO. Effective keywords with or without competition can bring enormous traffic to the website.

> Competitor Analysis – Knowing the competitor helps to derive knowledge about the strategies he/she is employing and helps the SEO experts to better them.

> On-site Optimization – The problems within the website can decrease the transparency in search engine rankings. Therefore, before beginning SEO we analyze Meta tags, description, plagiarism, HTML code, keyword placement, etc. so that the source [website] is made perfect before going for promotions.

> Off-site Optimization – The real SEO strategies have to employed for the off-site optimization, where the traditional and the modern techniques need collaboration so that there would be great increase in the search engine results.

> Scheduled Reporting – Duphos love to show our work; therefore, we are always eager to send the client the reports of our work and the improvements based on them. The client can set weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual report sharing to witness the growth.

White Hat SEO

         There are companies that assure instant results with their methods. But, one should be careful with such companies as they use “Black Hat” SEO tactics, which are completely forbidden by Google and other search engines. Yes, there might be instant results – but, the website will be penalized by the search engines for implementing such methods. The SEO professionals of Duphos will never recommend such hasty methods that could be devastating and always follow the White Hat techniques that bring reliable, continuous and strong leads to the website.