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          For every business, it has become mandatory to have a website so that more visitors or customers can be attracted. However, it is not possible for every business owner to maintain a website in the busy nature of running the infrastructure. For this reason, Duphos are ready to take the job for the modern day businessmen.

       We will take care of your website, while you take care of the business. This would help in constant polishing of the online presence and ensures that the competition always stays behind. The following are the general features of our web maintenance services:

> Regular Web page updatesIt helps search engines like Google to know that a website is updating the content constantly and helps in rankings.

> Managed HostingIt helps in making modifications in the website; therefore, eliminating any chance of deteriorated or outdated content, plug-ins or programs.

> Website BackupIt helps in storing all the details updated on the website in a backup secure server so that the client need not worry about data loss.

           In addition, the client can add SEO services, Web Design packages, etc. to the Website Maintenance services so to ensure every aspect of a ‘website’ is covered. Although optional, this can really help boost the rankings of a website because of the designated experts at Duphos.