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          Duphos specializes in providing Android apps and its related services such as graphic design, web development, secure hosting, data protection, etc. so that the apps we develop are comprehensive. Our Android developers only use the most scalable, robust and secure techniques and programming languages while developing Android apps.

       At Duphos the client can be assured of fast turn around, unparalleled services, constant support and affordability seen nowhere. With years of experience behind us and knowledge of the shifting trends in Android development, we develop apps that can bring maximum ROI [Return on Investment]. The following are some of the major fields Duphos has worked upon:

  • Apps for Business productivity
  • Apps for communication
  • M-Commerce [Mobile Commerce] apps
  • Social, Leisure and Gaming apps
  • Salesforce and CRM mobility apps
  • Software apps for Mobile Business representation
  • Apps based on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS
  • Multimedia mobile solutions

      We have a wide range of Android app developing skills and are capable of delivering the work based on global standards. The UI [User Interface] build by our team seems so elegant and enriching that the app users would have a refreshing experience.

How we develop Android Apps?

Step – 1: Analysis of the Requirements

       Android developers either meet the client directly or contact them to understand the objectives or the project and note down details. After analyzing the details, we highlight the scope, drawbacks, and feasibility. This allows a clear understanding between the client and the developers before starting the project.

Step – 2: Design

    After taking the approval of the client, our team will get into designing the app. Initially, app structures, database schemas, methodologies of system integration are taken care of. These are submitted to the client to take approval or suggest any important modifications.

Step – 3: Execution

     After making necessary amends, the real app development procedure begins. Here the customer can have complete access to the applications. If there are any problems, the client can suggest live modifications so that the app would emerge in a perfect manner.

Step – 4: Testing

   During the process of completing the app, we test it for security, bugs, data recovery, etc. If there are any issues our Quality Analysts will rectify them so that the app would run without any problems or errors.

Step – 5: Evolution

     After going through rigorous testing and development schedules, the app is finally delivered to the client. However, the work of Duphos Android developers does not end there, as we are happy to make enhancements to the app based on the feedback given by various sources. We provide free services for a period of six months to make such enhancements.