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             Duphos is a software development company that has been delivering world-class solutions to our clients. We are happy to take up our work with the well established company or help grow the dreamers who have started up. We combine technical expertise, commitment, and authoritative skills to build custom software for our clients. We love to provide the following to witness client’s satisfaction through our work:

Customized Software

             We know that customization is about providing solutions to the client that will solve the business problems. Therefore, we develop the software keeping in mind the market statistics, client’s ideas and useful strategies so that comprehensive software is developed. It ensures that the customized project we have developed does justification to the client’s expectations.

Easy Integration

         Software development is meant to make businesses easy; we at Duphos understand this very important aspect while developing software. Therefore, we ensure there is a great deal of flexibility for future transformations and reliability so that the software will become the best. The elements combined can make it easy for integration and the client can have a lot of scope for expansion.


         The interests and ideas of the viewers or users changed since the advent of Internet. Therefore, people are expecting to learn more in a short time. Our Graphical User Interface methods make it easy for the users to navigate through the software with the help of attractive icons. As we provide multiple support models, it becomes easy for the client to select the best.


          The risk of getting hacked or breaching through the firewalls has increased tremendously. In Duphoswe follow Security Development Lifecycle involving the testing of the software for security infringement. The coding we setup while developing software or a website allows us to confidently claim that the output is a safe and reliable one that has been quality tested.

Duphos offer the following development services:

  • Dynamic HTML
  • PHP
  • Dot Net
  • WordPress