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        Most of the companies are heavily reliant on the performance of their websites or applications, without which they are out of business. The basic requirements for product database, software for workflow automation, CRM, online collaboration, etc. are hard to achieve with some of the other software development programs. However, with the PHP developers in Duphos it is just another day in the job.

       The professionals at Duphos are well-aware of the coding, frameworks, and algorithms of the PHP systems. This enables them to develop a skillful, easy to update and efficient design. Further, we implement security protocols in every step ensuring that the system developed will not be breached under any circumstances.

The Specialty of Duphos Technologies

     At Duphos, we handle every PHP software development project with utmost care and flexibility so that the client is completely satisfied. Our PHP team can work on different types of a website such as E-commerce websites, web portals, blogs and have expertise in developing web applications as well. We make sure that no matter what we develop through our PHP Software Development initiative, we strive the output would be fresh, innovative and technically perfect.

Duphos Assistance

     There are many people who believe that PHP is a difficult development system to handle. It may be true that at a first glance people may not find it comfortable. As the clients cannot come to us completely for small updates or modification for a span of years, we assist the client through our Content Management System [CMS] and other methods. Our assistance will help the client to understand the basics of PHP and do updates without our need.

     However, we are more than happy to carry out the burden ourselves if the client feels that it is too much work.

Technical Details

  • We use languages like PHP 4+, PHP 5+, JavaScript, etc. during the development process.
  • Our Frameworks include CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend Framework, Fusebox, Symfony & CakePHP.
  • The Technologies we use at Duphos are Ajax, jQuery, XSL, YahooUI, XML-RPC Prototype, MooTools, Dojo, Google AJAX API, etc. These help in the wonderful production of the application or website.
  • We have secured databases like MySQL 4+, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL 5+.
  • The open source solutions we use for the PHP software development are Magento, Drupal, Joomla, OpenX, TinyMCE, and phpBB.

   In addition to these, the PHP developers at Duphos are able to work on popular operating systems like Windows and Linux so that everything is covered.