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HTML Development

     Duphos uses HTML5 – the latest in the Hypertext Markup Language that can help to create wonderful applications and credible websites that help to fulfill the necessities of the client. It requires the use of three unique codes – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The use of these will help to provide a functional, high-speed, performance oriented and smooth application or website that has rich UI elements.

    The expertise of our members will make sure that the applications or websites developed are fully responsive i.e. having attractiveness and fitting nature across all platforms. Therefore, one can be assured that their apps or websites are accessible and good looking in desktops, tabs, mobiles, etc.

     For clients looking to develop applications through HTML, the greatest advantage would be the facility to provide the user with the same application across all platforms. It means that the user needs only to download the app a single time and can use it anywhere. The features like video impregnation, animations, music files, drawings, Geolocation, etc. can be easily employed with the help of Duphos HTML developers.

CSS Development

     Cascading Style Sheets is a separate language that is frequently used along with HTML. Duphos uses CSS to provide an SEO friendly environment to the application or the website. We develop the customized sheets in order to help compatibility across several operating systems and platforms. The client can notice the increase in rankings of the websites with the optimization of CSS from our professional team.

     Both HTML and CSS methodologies used by Duphos experts benefit the client in numerous ways and the website rankings improve remarkably. With a little personal touch from our Search Engine Optimization techniques, the client would be overwhelmed by the results drawn from the website. There is certainly no looking back after our experts deal with the application or website.